Few days old baby

Question: Hi ny baby is entering 6th day ,he has not passed urine from one and half day..i Don't know what should I do..?but he has passed toilet ..

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Answer: Oh you should consult your doctor as its could be a problem.. please go to doctor
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Question: My baby is 2 nd half months old he has not passed stool from 3 days what should I do. He is passing gas though
Answer: Hi dear, Do not worry if you are breastfeeding your baby. Most of the breastfed babies can go without pooping for a week and it is very normal. If your baby is formula fed,you need to poop your baby everyday. Kindly check your doctor if your baby is formula fed and not pooped for that long.if breastfed no need to worry.
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Question: My baby has not passed motion from 2days and even has gas what should I do
Answer: Home remedy Take betel leaf apply some coconut oil on it Just slighty warm it in tava nd keep on baby's stomach..
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Question: Hi Dr my one n half month baby has not passed motion from last three days... What should i do?
Answer: Hi. New borns dont poop fow even a week so dont worry. Give your baby tummy massage with luke warm coconut oil in circular motion. If its too long you can massage babies tummy with luke warm hing paste. Make your baby do cycle exrcise daily it will improve babies bowel movement.
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