6 months old baby

Question: Hi nw I Am 6 th month bby mom my baby weight in 4 th months 6.5 kg but nw only 6.9 kg its not incresed in 2 months why what is the reason plz tel me

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Question: Hii mam NW am nearly entered into 8 months my baby movements are not there in those 2 days? Why? What is the reason? Any problem?
Answer: Hi, dear baby movement should be felt regularly although it can be high or low sometimes but it should be regular and whenever you feel baby is not doing movement then eat, drink something and lie down on your left and hold baby bump for 1-2 hour and feel baby movement.  You will get baby movement in that 1 hour but if not then go to your doctor immediately and get a scan done to check baby..
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Question: My daughter is 6 months old. Her weight is 6.9 kg . From the last two months her weight is constant. Plz tell what do i do?
Answer: Hi,don't worry now that your baby is 6 months you can start with solids .you can give Mashed fruits Fruit puree Dal Pani Dal soup. Rice Pani Veg clear soup Along with the BM/FM this will help the baby to put on weight. Sometimes when the baby is very active.he doesent put in more weight. So don't worry.hopefulky with introducing of solids this will help the baby to put on weight
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Question: I am 4 months pregnant. My weight is 54 kg from last 3 months, my weight is not increasing. What can be its reason? What should I do?
Answer: Weight will increase from 5th month of your pregnancy.. if not,definitely from 6th month you will gain weight...there's no particular reason for not gaining weight upto 5th month .. keep eating banana..then you can gain weight
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