16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi NT scan is neccesary during 15th week pregnancy. My blood group B+ve n husband blood group O-ve

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Answer: If the doctor has advised the scan it's necessary to take it because it will detect any abnormalities in the baby. The blood group factor won't affect if it's the first pregnancy
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Question: My blood group is O-ve n my husband's blood group is O+ve ,does it matter for pregnancy???
Answer: Ur blood group is very rare so dont low down ur hb eat pomegranate daily so that ur hb is stay in normal position take care dear
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Question: My blood group is O +ve.... My husband blood group is O -ve.... Do we have any problems during delivery
Answer: If mother is rh positive and baby is rh negative then if the mothers blood and baby's blood mix together then mother blood produces antibodies against fetus but don't worry baby is well pro in a amniotic fluid so baby would be safe and your doctor will monitor and access the complications if any. As the mothers antibodies attack the fetus so you need to take precautions as per doctor suggestion everything will be fine
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Question: My blood group is O-ve and my husband blood group is O+ve, can l take any injection during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear yes doctor will advise u one injection during pregnancy to make sure there will not be any complications to baby u two being of two different blood group
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