40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Momies. Now took 36 weeks scan. Baby is in extended breech condition. Aminiotic level is 14.9.. is this normal.

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Answer: Hi... Consult your doctor or also go for second opinion... May be they suggest you C-section...
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Question: In 31 week scan my baby is in breech position legs extended is it possible to have normal delivery
Answer: Hi Dear! Breech position or head up generally delivered through C-Section, and depends on the baby. Csec's are very sophisticated these days and recovery is almost similar to a normal delivery. Breech position has got nothing to do with physical activity and almost nothing you do will turn the baby. Depends on body built/ shape of the uterus/ baby's comfort and many other factors but you could still ask you're OB for some exercises to help you stretch out. Please do not try any manual ways to try n turn your baby. It could be fatal. All the best for your delivery either normal or csec.
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