27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi now i'm 26 th week pregnant.in scan i have twin babies. And doctor says cervical length is normal.i haven't under no stitches, and its my 1st baby and i have one laprascopic operation.and after one month i'm pregnant..these are my health condition.in this situation if possible to normal delivery????

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Answer: Yes do not worry. Normal delivery is possible in twins if you reach 39 th week and your babies turn head down.
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Question: I'm 29 week pregnant and during my 6th month scan (23 week) my cervical length was 2.2 cm only.Doctor suggested to have good rest.Does any one have the same situation ?if yes, how to over come these
Answer: hi dear! so yes you will have to take bed rest and also you cannot have intercourse . normally with bed rest everything will be fine which means that the length wont increase but it will reduce further decreasing in length dear.an dont worry rest all is fine. also try not to travel long distance dear. take care.
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Question: Hi i am 15 week pregnant 5 time usg done. 1st time usg no hert beat 2nd time heart beat. 3rd time nt scan . 4th time cervical length scan and 5th scan cervical length reapet. Dr one scan one thing see. Scan complete 30-1 minute. It is pblm?
Answer: In pregnancy it is normal to take scan 829 x but first time scan was extra as well as cervical length scan was not needed because in NT scan cervical length is also measured why is there a repeat scan please tell me what did your doctor say to you why was a cervical length scan done
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Question: Hello i have twins but in 9 th week doc told me one of twin is vanshing as growth nahi horah now its 10 th week of pregnacy doctor told me to do scan on 11 week is it possible both babies can be good and if not than i am worried about second can i have safe pregancy futher please suggest me
Answer: Hi, it's a difficult situation you need to take good rest and eat really well. This may help all the best dear.dont worry
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