6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi now I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant. Small Gestational sac presence this is normal?

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes,at this stage only gestational sac would be seen and sometimes foetal pole too.
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    Anonymous Mom33 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: I had ultrasound, found only gestational sac and yolk sac,,am now 6 weeks 6 days
Answer: Hi dear it is fine u may get heartbeat of baby till 9 th to 10 th week even .so don't worry and do wait for this week to go for another ultrasound.
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Question: My gestational sac size is small for 4 days.. is it the thing to concern?
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal and not a matter of concern.such delays in initial stage is common.it will pick up in coming weeks.
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Question: I am 6 weeks n 5 days pregnant according to LMP. But my first scan is showing my gestational age 4weeks n 3 days with gestational sac size 12.9mm. Is this normal?
Answer: Hi, this means the baby's growth is little less. But you do t sorry. You have all the healthy food and drink lot of fluids, and everything will go fine. Have fat foods lime cheese, ghee, butter. Have coconut water everyday. Have all dry fruits daily. Drink milk and have milk products. Everything will be fine.
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