35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi,now I am in 35 weeks, my stomach gets tight and feel like baby is pushing down, sometimes am getting little pain in my c section scar.please tell. It's labor pain?Am afraid.

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Question: Hi, now am 34 weeks,my stomach gets tight and feel baby is pushing down and having pain in my vigina. Why am getting? please tell
Answer: usually this kind of feeling is starts when our baby takes head down position it is good for you and you baby both please don't be worried
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Question: Hello! I am pregnant for past 35 Weeks. This is my first child. Sometimes my stomach gets very tight and It start pain. Are these signs of false labor pain? I am very worried, I feel very much in fear from the C section. I need normal delivery Please give me some suggestions.
Answer: hi.. this false labor also called Braxton Hicks Contraction and it is very normal. Braxton Hicks contraction is a type of cramp during pregnancy. It occurs in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. It is not harmful and it often happens before delivery. It helps you prepare for the real labor. But if it is really painful or long, then you should go to doctor. Also my dear there is nothing to fear from the C section. I've also delieverd my 2nd son through ceasaren and I'm doing well. This is done only for the safety of you and your child. You just Always be active, breathe deeply and use Relaxation techniques at the time of labor.
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Question: I am 25 weeks pregnant sometimes i have sudden pain in my stomach. I am little worry about.
Answer: Same mere sath bhi yhi hota h jb baby grow krta h to stomach m muscles stretch hone k vjh se mild pain hota h itz normal
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