37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.... Now i am 36th week. Wht must be the position of the baby during delivery?

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Answer: Hi dear. Before delivery the baby must turned to cephalic position.
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Question: What will be the baby position at 36th week and does the movement of baby will increase or decrease
Answer: Hi dear, weed in 36 weeks your baby's position should we head down cephalic and it should be fixed in cervix for vaginal birth. In 9 months of pregnancy generally movement of your baby decreases compared to previous months. But if you feel any unusual movements of your baby you should immediately consul with doctor
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Question: Hi am 36th week pregnant can I knw wht to do for decreasing the afi
Answer: Hi dear, there is no such way to decrease AFI but you can check your sugar level. Also, you need to cut off potatoes, rice, sugar, maida from your diet do that the AFI level may not get increased..
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Question: My baby position is transverse lie... can baby change the position till delivery...? I am 36th weeks pregnant.
Answer: Yes do not worry babies rotate from week 35--38 so expect a rotation. Drink more than 3lt if water perform squats and exercises only if your body permits and there are no other complications.
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