4 months old baby

Question: Hi nan baby ge evaga 4 month avnu sariyagi pee madalla night time li idu normal ha ?

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Answer: Its normal don't worry..only feed breast milk..
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Question: Hii. Nan baby ge 4 month 16 days. Avnu huttidaga BCG matte Hepatitis B haidare aste OPV 0 dose hakilla enadru problem agutta. Ig enadaru solution heli
Answer: Yenu problem Ella in mele vaccination na correct time ge haksi
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Question: Hi frnds my son is 23 days old.... Avnu nenneinda dinakke 10 to 12 time motion g hogtidane.... Yake??? Feed mad'dag ondsala motion g hogtane idu normal ah??? Pls answer madi
Answer: Doctors say its common,baby active agi idre ok..ee age na babies tumba nidde madtare.so activity monitor madokke Kashta..ond sari doctor hatra torsodu olledu
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Question: Evathu nan baby ge 1.5 mnt du injection aksidvi leg ali akiro jaga swalpa gatti agide enadru prb ha
Answer: Hello dear, I dont know this language we have support in this application where you can ask queries in your language in regional chat group where moms will definetly help. If you can ask in english i will surely help right away. sorry about that.
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Question: Hi nan maguge 4 month complete.. Nanu nan maguge lactozen hakthidini adike Papu ge thumbaa loose motion agthide En madodu
Answer: Please ask ur query in english dear
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