27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi,my wife 6 month pregnancy.this is first pregnancy.She stuying btech 4 year 2nd semister. From home to college distance is 5 km.Now my question is whether she can contuine her education? Need to take break ?

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Answer: No issues she can continue till 9 month also but depends on her body condition
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Question: Hi, my baby is having sapration anxiety with strangers. She is 9 months old. Is this normal. I m a working woman. I have to take my baby with me in college. Should i continue to take her college?
Answer: this is common....you should try and indulge her with more people so that she can try and learn to mix with people..and you can not take baby to ur work forever...you have to go to work so you have to leave her for sometime.....(its hard bt you have to)
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Question: My wife is pregnent, she is in first trimester. Is long distance travelling OK for her. And having sex is ok or not
Answer: Hello,it is advisable to avoid havig sex till your firsttrimister and after that also it depends on the pregnancy and medical related factors so it is advisable to first consult to the dr to be on the safer side.For travelling also it depends on the pregnanc relaed factord and the mode of travellig,however if there is safe pregnancy than can travel short distance.
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Question: At night my wife body is getting heat do i need to take her to hospital
Answer: Hello Hot body are very common during pregnancy. Due to a number of factors like. The increased weight causes ur feet to swell. There are also a number of harmonal changes that happen during pregnancy wch contribute to burning as the body temperature increases. Keep ur feet in cool water for sometime before u sleep.
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