Question: Hi My wife is 30 weeks. after growth scan it's serious advice from doctor is low placenta and only 20 per cent of oxygen is supply to baby. but heart beat is good 143. advice to operate for Delivery. kindly advise

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Answer: hello.. sir.. your baby is insufficient of oxygen supply as there is good heart beat we can expect a good growth after delivery also so dont worry..stay strong and be positive and give strength to your wife trust and follow your doctor suggestion.. all the best
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Question: My wife is conceived for 10 weeks but in scan it shows baby growth is equals to 6 weeks only and no sign of heart beat. Is there a chance for baby growth and heart beats??
Answer: Yes, sometimes heartbeats can take longer to develop. I had a friend who had the same experience and got the heartbeat in her second scan. She is due for delivery this month :). All the best!
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Question: Hi I had my growth scan yesterday.. My placenta is low lying completely covering cervix.. Should I be on bed rest or I can be normal.. Kindly advise
Answer: Hi, you need to be on complete bed rest. This is a complication in pregnancy and can result in bleeding or preterm labor. There is no medicine and only way out is to take complete bed rest. Chances are there that it might move up as you advance towards your pregnancy.
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Question: Had my first ultrasound yesterday 6 weeks+1day. Fetal heart beat is very low 97 bpm . They want to do one more scan after a week to re confirm the heart beat . Any success stories with low heart beats ?
Answer: Hello dear,  By the time you are eight to ten weeks pregnant, your baby's heart will be beating about 170 to 200 beatsper minute (bpm). This will gradually slow down to the normal fetal heart rate range of 120 to 160 bpm during the middle part of pregnancy until the end. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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