25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my wife is pregnant since 5 month's we did tiffa scanning in that radiologist told there is a tiny tissue near the heart, we have consulted doctor' and they said its not harmful or its aafe we need to take precautions they said ,,they suggested to drink water my question ehat is this tissue or its harmful for baby and mother pls help i am consulting in a govt hospital

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Answer: hi dear! generally the tissue that is talked about is non harmful so dont worry dear you will have keep a track on it during the scans to see if everything is fine and dont worry your baby is fine dear there is no abnormality dear so dont panic. also it can resolve by its own also so dont worry. take care dear!
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    Ram k32 days ago

    I really appreciate your help my heartfull thanks

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Answer: Hello dear.. walking is the best exercise,to do for getting labour pain and vaginal birth,so walk as much as you can,keep yourself engaged active throughout the day,can do kegal exercises and squats,it will help to open the cervix and yields pain,be relaxed Da, because stress play an vital role in pregnancy, according to old wives advice we can mop and clean floor in squat position will ease labour pain,but dothat with supervision of elders,do do alone, because safety is very much important ,keep trying this tips,hope it works for you
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