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Question: Hi my wife is pregnant and as per initial scan report due date is 4th July 2019. As per second and third scan report due date is 2nd and 1st July 2019. She is not getting pain and we are expecting her to deliver normal. Baby heart beat is checking regularly in the hospital and it is normal.. Yesterday morning tablet has been induced into her by doctor. Doctor said if we are OK then, he will give labour pain injection as well. How long can we wait for pain or can we go for C section ? Worried a lot.. Please reply...

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Answer: Hi. Some babies may even stay inside upto 42 weeks. So you can wait until then. When the baby doesn't deliver within 42 weeks, complications may arise such as baby getting overweight. Try natural ways to induce labour such as drinking castor oil, pineapple juice,yoga,walking a lot, nipple stimulation, sex etc. If natural ways doesn't work, go for the pain inducing injection as per your doctor's advice.
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    Shiva IBM Banglore Nrp291 days ago

    Thank u so much...

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