11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi!!! My wife is 10 weeks pregnant.... She doesn't like to have milk.... In order to enrich calcium.. Wat other foods can I give her.....

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Answer: Hii, except milk all other dairy products like yoghurt paneer cheese all are rich source of calcium and your wife should consume these on daily basis. Even green leafy vegetables and colocasia also good source of calcium in vegetables. If you people are non vegetarian then one egg is must for your baby on daily basis. With dietary supplement your wife needs to consume medicinal supplement as well. Hope it helps.
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    Arun Vignesh542 days ago

    Thank u

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Answer: Hi, please avoid giving the baby anything apart from formula milk atleast till the age of 6months. Babies cannot digest anything else apart from breastmilk or formula milk ,hence giving any food now will lead to colic, loose motions and various other problems.
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