Question: 15 weeks running...Dr advised to go for triple test as I did not go for double marker test...triple marker test me fasting hona jaruri h or empty bladder?? is it a blood test??..I had 2 miscarriages but that time karotyping reports says that no chromosomal abnormalities..but still I m movements lab se feel hota h..n tummy thoda sa nikla hua h.. tummy kab se dikhna start ho jayega.. please suggest for all my queries..

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Answer: empty stomach or full bladder is not required for the triple marker . it's a blood test. if first time mom then movement will be there from 18-23 weeks. tummy jab bahar aayega Woh individual pe depend karega aur body type pe
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Question: Should I go empty bladder for level 1 ultrasound and double marker test
Answer: Hello dear.. no, during pregnancy you need not have to slip meals before scan,need to take lot of liquid,and should not use restrooms for half n hour before sonography
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Question: We gave blood for double marker test at 14th week lab people are saying reports are not cumming we will do triple marker test is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear Triple marker test is not compulsory but doctors recommend this test for their satisfaction as this test gives more correct information about baby. It is a simple blood test. So, dont worry
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Question: I am done with my Triple Marker Test and my reports are positive but doctor is advicing me to go for Quadruple Marker Test as well.Please suggest....
Answer: Hi, if reports are negative and u don't have any family history or you are less then 35yr then u don't need to go for this test. Ask your doc that why u need it if u have negative tripple marker reports.
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Question: I m 12week pregnant my doc suggested me triple test but when I want to lab for blood test there they told me that it is not possible now you have to do double maker. So plz suggest me which test ( triple test or double marker) should i do now...
Answer: I faced same problem my doc suggested to me triple marker test so I waited till my week complete n then I did my triple marker test coz I know lab people will not listen so which test suggested ur doc that u hv to do it
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