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Question: hi.. my 5 weeks old son after being fed goes to sleep.. suddenly cries inconsolably.. what could be the reason.. this is happening today only.. pls help..

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Answer: hello.. dear all babies do this sleeping immediately after feed and crying in sleep, suddenly crying inconsolably. this normal... dont worry.. make sure you take burp after feed.. which is very important... also while sleeping putting a blanket onto your babys legs and putting a pillow near your baby if mother is not near baby is mandatory.
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Question: My 4 months old baby cries alot before going to sleep in the night. What could be the reason?
Answer: It is definitely a tough job to soothe a crying baby especially a healthy baby crying inconsolably at night. It may turn out to be the biggest parenting lesson, the key is not to worry as its absolutely normal for babies to cry at night because of colic or said as infant colic. It is a self-curable stage where the babies outgrow the colic problem by the time they are 4 /5 months old. There is no scientific evidence as to why a baby must cry at night other than colic, which shows up when a baby is one to 3 months old, followed by severe cries for more than three hours in a row on three or more days a week for at least three weeks. Colic isn't a disease and won't cause your baby any long-term harm, there are few ways to soothe a colicky baby such as lay her on the back and gently lift her legs and turn into bicycle motions as in cycling, or you can gently help her by massaging on her back and patting her after feeding to release any trapped air that she might have swallowed while feeding. Once the gas is passed babies tend to relax a bit. Sometimes its just hunger that makes baby cry, baby may cry because of stomach upset, constipation that might be hurting her, check on her loo as to how many times is she going to loo, check if she has a slight fever or cold that is blocking her nose, babies sometimes cry because of fever and cold, other than health issues definitely there are sleep issues as well to consider if you have recently changed her cot, or have made her sleep on her own or it might be a diaper rash that is troubling her, or even your hair wrapped around her toes that might be preventing blood flow to the finger, or may be she would have had a bad dream any substancial experience where your baby must have been suddenly excited by some sound someone's voice or anyhting that can fear her about your abscence. You can soothe baby by holding her in various positions, change shoulders also take help from family members, see if she responds to any specific cues like patting on the back or just a gentle massage, a cuddle or even to your baby hummings. Try these helpful aids and consult your pediatrician if your baby is not relieved by these steps.
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Question: My 27 day old baby's stomach is hard and bloated. Sometimes she cries inconsolably. What could be the reason? She poops once in five six days..
Answer: Hello! Babies when cry inconsolably, it is mainly due to the stomach pain also known as colic pain which happens due to the clogged gas in the stomach . Try to do some cycling exercise and also massage the tummy with oil and hing. This will help the baby release the gas. Once the gas is released, the baby will be relieved. Passing stool once in 5-6 days is normal. There is nothing to worry if the baby is on breastfeeding. Take care
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Question: Urine leakage after every urination. Happening 6 weeks after c section. What could be the reason? Is it normal?
Answer: This is normal do not worry. Urine inconsistency. It will resolve with yoga and Kegel exercise You must exercise. Kegel exercise is helpful to strengthen the vaginal muscles which will help the recovery process. in improving the circulation in the area. Ask gynae to detail you. Hope it helps! Take care
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