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Question: Hi.. my 5 week old baby grunts a lot in sleep.. worried.. is this normal.. or should I have to take him to paed?

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Answer: You've probably noticed your baby's breathing rhythm changes as she sleeps. She might breathe rapidly at first, then more slowly, before pausing for five to 10 seconds and resuming rapid breathing, and so on. Doctors call this "periodic breathing," and it's common in babies until they're about 6 months old. Sleeping like a baby isn't always as peaceful as it sounds. Babies often moan, groan, and whimper in their sleep, which can be disconcerting to new parents, even though it's pretty normal.  so dont worry this normal in babies
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Question: My baby grunts a lot while sleeping.. Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Usually newborns do make such grunting sounds. It could be due to some uneasyness caused by gas issue. It is perfectly normal,though I understand it is quite disturbing.but this should be ok post 2 months. You make sure that post feed you burp your baby.never skip burping.burping would take 5 minutes to 45 minutes.
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Question: My two month old baby sleep 5 hrs at a stretch in the night. should i feed him in between?
Answer: Hello, Dear if baby is sleeping then no need to wake baby up for feed but wake him up after 5 hours to feed. Baby at 2 months should be feed after 3-4 hours . But while sleeping it's ok to let baby awake on its own but maximum gap between feed should be 4-5 hours while sleeping.
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Question: My baby grunts a lot during sleep specially during passing gas or peeing. Should i worry or is it normal. He is 17 days old.
Answer: Baby grunting during sleep is normal as it respiratory system is not mature its slowly maturing... And during peeing and passing gas it's normal nothing to worry.... "If in case he is having fever or any other symptoms then plz do go to ur doctor as he might be having some infection".
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