34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi ..my water level is going down.last week its 9.5 now 8.5. pls suggest me ...what can i do ...iam drinking more water also

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Answer: Hello dear... To increase amniotic fluid, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Drink 2-3 litre of water Include water rich fruits and veggies Include coconut water, butter milk will be helpful Always lie on left side
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    Mamatha Chowdhary34 days ago

    tq mam

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Question: My son is going to urine in yellow color i am drinking coconut water also what more should i do plz suggest
Answer: Hello! Please feed your baby with more milk, since it is summers, baby's frequency of feeding should be increased. If it still stays after frequent feeding, then consult the paediatric.
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Question: Hi I'm now 36 weeks of pregnancy. My water level is decreases to 07. please suggest me what should I do to increase my water level?
Answer: Hllo dear you are 36 weeks pregnant .dear An AFI between 8-18 is considered normal. your afi level is 7 it's less . So take 3 to 4 Litres water daily includes buttermilk, coconut water ,lemonate, milk, fresh fruit juices . your water level will be increased try it
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Question: hi just started 8th mnth n my water level is high its 14 pls suggest me wht to do? and am hvng gastional prob also
Answer: hello dear your water level is not high. the normal range is consider between 8 to 18.
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