24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my urine is of red colour.. Not every time but around 10 am... I had beetroot juice in morning is it because of that??

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Answer: Hello dear.s bcoz of beet root juice you are getting red colour urine and motion also I think so.but if u r getting dought then stop taking beetroot juice and then observe the colour .I hope it is helpful for u
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Question: Drinking of beetroot juice the urine colour is also in red colour ??is any problem
Answer: No problem. If you have eaten fruit, your waste would have been of red colour. Don't worry.
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Question: Am 6 week pregnant i had carrot and beetroot juice ... morning ......i went motion in red color am scared...
Answer: Hi dear don't worry if you take carrot and beetroot juice then definitely you will get red colour motion, it's quite normal. There is nothing to scare aboute, everything is fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: I ate beetroot yesterday in lunch and today morning I had some red color in stool. Not sure if it is because of beetroot or bleeding. Is it normal to have red color stool after eating beetroot
Answer: It is because of beetroot only it is not blood so don't worry it's normal dear
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