7 months old baby

Question: hi my son will be completing 7 month he keeps suffering from constipation he goes potty twice a week and suffer a lot while doing potty I give him apple juice carrot juice cow milk and breastfeeding what is d reason being constipation

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Answer: Cow milk shouldnt b started before completion of 1year...avoid tat... For constipation, you should giv him to eat smaller meals throughout the day, make ur child involved it exercise regularly, giv ur baby high fiber diet, and ensure ur baby drink lots of water and fluids. Besides tat giv ur baby slightly lukewarm water to drink in morning this will help cleanse his system. I also giv my daughter LIV 52, consult ur doc before giving any medicine
Answer: Its better u meet d doctor U can give small banana everyday one Constipation prblm will b solved soo. Even my son had same prblm I gave d syurp whch doctor gave And banana too
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Question: My son is 6weeks old and he is having formula milk..he is having constipation and once in a day doing tight potty..and having problem while doing..he has to put lot of force..what to do
Answer: Hi dear, as your baby is in exclusive formula feed constipation is one of the common problem. When your preparing formula milk take care of the proportion of water and milk powder, don't prepare thick milk as it can cause severe constipation and even Stomach problem for your baby. Give your baby a gentle belly massage before passing motion it will help. Apply small amount of baby lotion or coconut oil on your baby's rectal area to ease the process of passing motion and avoid rectal tear. You can also consult doctor for medicines to change the texture of stool. After 3 months of age you can give small amount of prune juice or pear puree thrice in a week to reduce this problem. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby suffering from constipation. He cries while doing potty. What should I give to my baby
Answer: Hi For relieving the same make  baby get some exercise. Measure three finger width below naval on the lower left side and apply gentle but firm pressure there with ur finger tip.Give prune ,apricot or pears juice to baby.Give a baby stomach massage then high fibre food. Apply aloe Vera gel in case u find some blood or tear in anal area.Keep the anal area as clean as possible.Dilute one or two drop of lemon essential oil and mix coconut/ carrier oil .Now massage in abdomen and sole do feet in clockwise direction .give more of fibre rich food as it is helpful to keep bowel.movement comfortable. Also do talk to doctor if needed to give stool softener.
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Question: Baby is doing potty a lot and in very small quantity sometimes while passing gas too.. wats d remedy
Answer: Hello! It is common in breastfed babies to pass stool quite often even while passing gas. There is nothing to worry. But if the baby is on formula milk then please consult the doctor once. Take care
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Question: I started solid food to my baby after introduce solid his stool became hard and he cries a lot while doing potty i am worried please help..i give him apple puree banana home made cerelac
Answer: Give just formula or breast milk until he s 6 months.. after 6 months start purees
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