4 years old baby

Question: Hi,My son is 3 years old but still taking milk from federal I tried some fancy colourful mugs but he refused to take it pls help

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Answer: Hi, let the baby do tatntrums. Ut is ok. You should stop bottle he will cry and refuse dir a say ir two and the start getting use to. Even my kud did that. Its ok. You can get a matching mug and drink tea sitting along. It may help
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    Ranjeet Kaur789 days ago

    Thanks for the response urvashi

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Answer: Hi dear, Babies would prefer breastmilk over formula milk anyways.so rejecting one formula milk,doesnot mean baby won't feed anymore .be persistent and try again.nan pro is one of the best formula milk.you can try lactogen,similac or enfamil too.
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