3 months old baby

Question: Hi, my son is 3 months old.. From past two days.. His palm and feet (sole) is warm.. But there is no fever... Is it normal??

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Answer: Hii it will b do one think take baby vicks vaprob to feet nd palm
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Question: Hi. My son having itching in his palm and sole feet..tried out many moisturize creams but didn't worked..doctor said he s allergic to sand & mud..he s sweating in his palm ND feet too.. Pls suggest
Answer: Keep your baby away from sand and mud and if he get in contact with these asap get him wash her hands and foot. Keep your baby skin dry I think he is pron to sweat. Always keep towel to wipe him in case of sweating.you can try an homeopathic doctor for complete soultion as it will be not having any side effect and kids easily have this medicine.
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Question: My son is 3 months old his palm feet lightly sweety...why
Answer: Hello dear It is normal to have sweating on hands and legs of babies.Babies are often overdressed and the hands and feet are like the temperature gauge and start the perspiration off to cool down the body. Some babies body are naturally having sweat body. Babies do have immature nervous systems which also causes sweating. Don't worry and maintain proper hygiene around baby.
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Question: Hi my son is 2yrs and 2months old. His feet is yellow in colour though his eyes nails palm is fine.. I didn't understand is it normal
Answer: Hi No its not..do check whether fever is there and urine colour...please do take baby to pediatrician to have a check up..take care
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