8 months old baby

Question: hi!! my son is 7 months 23 days old. he is getting cold n cough evey month since he has got 6 month old after that he is facing this problem is this common when a chil is getting teeth or need to consult a docter for his frequent cold

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Question: My son is 9 months old now but still he hasn't got a single teeth when he will get his teeth
Answer: There is nothing to worry.Usually, the first tooth emerges at around six months. However, some babies will get teeth early and some will not get teeth till their first birthday. If your baby still doesn't have any teeth at 9 months he is just taking his time.
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Question: My baby is 9 month old but he has not got his teeth yet,
Answer: Hi, teething may be delayed up to 14 months even, and seems to be related to teething starting age of both parent too. so please check with that and wait for some more time.
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Question: My son is 7 month old. He is getting cold n cough frequently. What to do.
Answer: Hello! Dear it is due to the weather. There is nothing much we can do as the babies get cold and cough easily due to low immunity. Try to give seasonal fruits and add mosambi or orange juice in the diet so that they get vitamin c which helps to fight with the cold and cough germs. Take care
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