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Question: Hi, my son is 21 days old....& due to some misunderstanding as told by the nurse regarding dose of calcium shelcal syrup....i was giving him 2 teespoons twice daily but now i got to know that ...i was suppose to give half teespoon twice....i m very much tensed....is it overdose....please tell me....any ill effect will happen becoz of this?? Wht could i do now?? Please advice....

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Answer: hi dear! there is no worry if you give more dear but the main is that you changed the dose so not a problem dear. just visit your doctor dear. also it can cause just constipation dear. so if you feel that your baby is pooping less then it can be because of calcium dear. so dont worry just visit your doctor . take care dear.
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    saleha razvi60 days ago

    Thanks a lot doctor....now some days i will not give calcium....den wil start for half teespoon

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