18 months old baby

Question: hi my son is abt 18 months his weight is 10 is it normal or underweight

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Answer: by 1yr it shud be 3 times his or her birth wgt. Honestly it shud b more. if he is very active u need to increase his calorie intake either by giving frequent meals or high calorie food
    Answer: hi my son is also 18 months old n wt 10 kg n it is normal coz in this time wt will not increase only activities increase. I also asked my doc about this. he said too.
    Answer: if ur baby is active thn don't take tension if u worried give banana shake daily
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      Chetna Surana P1577 days ago

      give banana potato

    Answer: 18 months old babies should weight between 9kg-13kg. he is not underweight
    Answer: There is nothing to worry about weight if the child is active and playful
    Answer: don't worry it's absolutely normal weight....10-12.
    Answer: he's not underweight dear....he's absolutely ri8