4 years old baby

Question: Hi, my son feeeling itchy on stomach . What is the reason?

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Answer: Check baby has any rashes on skin, it might be any infection consult your pediatrician as soon as possible and get it treated
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Question: Why my son feeling itchy on stomach?
Answer: Apply little coconut oil or olive oil on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day.. It should help...
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Question: Hello Am 34 week pregnant....my stomach always feel itchy...what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear it do happens when ur tummy skin stretch as ur baby size get increase. U should apply olive oil in ur tummy so that there will not be any itching or marks.
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Question: Hi my baby has red rashes on stomach , what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear,rash may be due to different reasons..Rash remedy-Hi dear,don't worry I'm giving u some home remedies....u can use baking soda by adding 1part of it with 3 part of water and apply it on affected area...use olive oil with honey massage will also help u...Boil some neem leaves ,strain the extract then soak a cotton ball and apply it on affected part.But if it is not gone with d help with these..then once consult with doctor..May it will help u,Take care.
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