34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi my skin is become black neck become more black what can I do to Whiter

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Answer: Nothing to do.. It will be normal after delivery
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Question: How to make my baby's skin more brighter and whiter ?
Answer: Hi dear please oil massage the baby please take virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil 1:1 ratio and massage the baby well it is very good for the baby skin to make it soft supple and smooth.. Hope this helps!
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Question: hi my neck become black someone told me that its because of harmones what can I do to fair
Answer: It is linked with increased weight gain. Please do not worry. Once you deliver and are back to normal. Your exercise and diet will cure the blackening. Hope it helps! Take care
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Question: my skin tone become black in pregnancy.. pls. suggest what to do for normal skin tone
Answer: During pregnancy, melasma is referred to as chloasma gravidarum and colloquially, “the mask of pregnancy.” The skin condition causes brown or gray-brown patches to appear on the face usually in a symmetrical pattern. Although melasma can show up anywhere, it's common on the cheeks, upper lip, forehead and chin.Any dark splotches you developed during pregnancy usually fade within a few months of delivery. These skin pigmentation changes, known as chloasma, often start to fade as your hormone levels return to normal and your body stops producing so much skin pigment, or melanin
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Question: Hi my 9 th month is running... I feel black spots around my neck and Brest... There is no itching but skin Become very black what I can do for it...
Answer: Hello! It is happening due to the constant hormonal changes your body is going through. Try to have plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also drink plenty of water and sleep keep your skin moisturised. Take care
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