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Question: Hi , my sister has conceived , would like to know is fetal reduction safe ??? please reply

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Answer: Dear as your sister is pregnant now . But if baby growth is not good or reduce than this is not good for healthy pregnancy. Your sister would consult doctor regarding baby growth.
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Question: I would like to know whether my baby can hear noises around
Answer: Your development has already started but baby can't hear the noise around. Songs on words gradually we will feel the sound vibration which is around or very near to baby.. baby can't hear the exact sound from inside.
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Question: I would like to know if two wheeler travel during my trimester pregenancy is avoidable?
Answer: Dear you should not travel by any means during first Trimester . This time is very risky for any travels . this time you should take more rest. many miscarriages happen at this time
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Question: I'm a pregnant with triplets. We are planning to go for fetal reduction of twins and keeping one. Is it safe?? This is my first pregnancy. Please explain about fetal reduction process and cost for it?
Answer: how you will do it please don't do this if there is any helath issue then u do it otherwise it is blessing of Allah
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