14 months old baby

Question: hi..my sister baby boy 1Years 4month old having one problem,he always hitting his head on floor while crawling

Answer: Hi! My son also did the same. I ordered head protector from Amazon.in it's a cap filled with foam/ cotton and protects my son's head.
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Question: While crawling if baby hits his head on floor does his brain r head got any injury
Answer: Hii Apply cold compress to avoid swelling.  Look for bruises or pooling of blood on the scalp.  Let your baby sleep for some while as it may help in relieving the pain. But too much sleeping is also not good. Look for any changes in behaviour. If he cries and stays alert. he‘s probably okay. If your child vomits. loses consciousness. doesn't want to play and seems tired then immediately consult the doctor. Any serious injury which results in excessive blood loss requires immediate medical attention.  I sincerely hope it helps. All the best. 
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Question: For the last week my baby is hitting his head with whatever he has on his hands.and sometimes hitting his head on floor also and feeling happy with that. But it is hurting him sometimes.why is he doing so?
Answer: some baby will be like that dont get worryed just divert them and play soon they will overcome that
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Question: My 1 year old baby boy falling often n hitting his head. Small Bump on his head is remaining from past few months. What to do?
Answer: Hi dear if it is from past few months then u should consult doctor as it can led to a severe blood clotting which could be hurting ur baby even now. Being so sma he couldn't describe u the pain.
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