38 weeks pregnant mother

Hi , my placenta is posteriorly located in upper segment, placenta maturity is grade 3 and foetus with cephalic presentation. What does this mean and is it related with baby and labor pain?

Your baby head is down ...
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Question: Iam 32 weeks pregnant... What is anterior placenta upper segment with grade 2 maturity.. Baby was in cephalic presentation..
Answer: Hello Dear anterior placenta means it is placed in front of the uterus. Nothing to worry not common but it is not problematic too. It means sumtym yu have bleeding if it is low, yur baby movement will be delayed and yu may sumtym need rest. So don't worry it is safe but needs monitoring. Take care
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Question: Hi.. m 37 weeks pregnant.. placenta is located in the anterior wall, upper segment. Gr_3 maturity.... And liquor is mild poly ... What does it mean? Is everything normal
Answer: This is the best situation one can have... your liquor indicates early labour to induce . Same was mine but I had labour on the 9th month ending day
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Question: placenta posterior and in upper segment . maturity grade 1 . what is mean, its normal.?..plz reply
Answer: Yes dear its normal...The placenta is an organ that connects the mother’s uterine wall with the developing baby. It transports nutrients into the developing fetus. Usually, the fertilized egg implants itself in the posterior uterus i.e., back of the uterine wall. Placenta grading refers to an ultrasound grading of the placenta based on its maturity n calcification. It reflects the age of placenta that goes from grade zero to three as your pregnancy progresses. Grade 1 happens in the mid-second trimester to early third trimester i.e., 18 to 29 weeks.
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