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Question: hi, my periods is 5 days late .i checked with preganews in the morning a light pink second line appeared, since we r married just a month we dont want baby now, we used barriers but it failed. suggest me taking mtp pill will be alright really feeling scared and hopeless

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Answer: hello dear mai apko suggest karungi ki ap plz baby abort n kare ye god ka gift hota h. or aisa karne se kai bar dobara conceive karne me problem ho sakti h
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    miracle is on d way1244 days ago

    thanks a lot already i discussed with my neighbours aunt she motivated me will nvr think of it again i feel blessed thanks again

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Question: Dear all , please help . My age is 30 and on 1 feb i had a miscarriage . I m already a mother of 17 month old daughter and i delievered her through c section. I got my last period on 30 dec and i did nt get period so i checked on kit it showed light pink line ..i was not ready for baby so my doctor gave me unwanted kit . After having dat kit i statrted bleeding on 3rd jan , first day bleeding was very heavy and i got big clots also. I just want to ask dat i m feeling very weak not able to do any work . Bleeding is still going on , how long it will go ? And what diet i follow to recover fast ? Please help it really urgent
Answer: 21 days it might bleed.. One of my cousin had miscarriage recently.. N doctor gave tablets for 21 recover. N she recovered. Please go to doctor to Get back ur internal systems working fine..
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Question: Hi My second baby born after 18th month of my first baby. Both baby are born through operation. Now to make the balance after birth of my second baby I kept my first baby at my mothers home and I am staying with my husband. It is just passed one month. Only on weekend as my husband have off on saturday and sunday we calls our first baby also. It has been observed in my first baby since I have left my first baby at my mother's home he get angry very frequently and while he get angry he through any thingh he have in his hand. He used to keep a cow toy in his hand and like to watch religious program of god krishna, shiv, vishnu etc. He watch tv for these late night till he did not get sleep.some time he feels sleepy but fourse us to on tv and mobile to wath religious program. Is it due to got getting proper love from parents however my mother and father love him and take care for everything fot him.
Answer: I have two babies n their age difference is 2.4 yrs now my elder son is 2.8 yrs n my lo is 4 months n im staying away from my native place with my husband n my mom told me that c will keep my elder son with her until my lo crosses his 1 yrs ...but I didn't agree with her ...n I keep my boys with me...I know it's very hard to look after both n do others work but still I m doing with my own I know it will effect my elder son ...he will not share about his feelings n will think he is not a member n my parents didn't love him...n it will effect his development in every aspect....I have maid for 4 hrs to manage n my husband helps me ...n..I know I'm right with my decision
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Question: I had a c section n now my baby Is almost 6 mnths old. Since mhe was born I started getting back aches while carrying him although he just weighed 2.7kg at that time. I asked m| gynaec and he said dont feed him in lying position , always sit n feed him. I did that but my pain dint go. Till today I cannot carry my baby for more than 20 to 30 minutes straight. My back really hurts very bad n I feel upset about it. Someone even joked n said "how much does ur baby weigh that u r saying ur back is hurting" as I was making excuse not to carry my baby. It really makes me feel bad for myself n my baby. Plz tell me why my back hurts like this? Pleaseee. Also the pain is not in the whole back but only in the horizontal line where ur bra b@nd comes.
Answer: hi dear ! so dear this is definitely not the c section pain that is happening since the c section pain subsides at 3 months. for the pain you can take a muscle relaxant after consulting your doctor . and if you are sitting and then feeding the baby make sure that you take support of the wall or take a pillow behind in the back region to support .this looks like a muscle pain so dont worry.
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