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Question: Hi ! My period started on 18th when will be my fertile period and when will be my ovulation day ? Kindly reply.

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Answer: Hi.. ovulation window is anytime between 10th and 16th or in some cases until 18th day from the start date of ur period (i.e 27th feb to 7th march 2019 in ur case) . Let me know if you require more clarifications
Answer: Fertile period is from March 1st to march 4th and march 6th ovulation day is on 5 th
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    Pooja Jagda888 days ago

    Thank you so much 😊

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Question: My period start on 1st of feb when will be my fertile day start
Answer: Dear ovulation or fertile days are when a egg is released in your body and having sex in ghese days can help get pregnant. So ovulation happens from 11 day of your pregnancy so your ovulation days are 13-17 February..
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Question: My period came on feb 4 and march 3 when will be my ovulation day? I had intercourse on 14
Answer: Usually ovulation day with be 13-15 days before the end of your cycle. Say for example if you have a 30 day cycle, your ovulation can happen around the 15-16th day of your cycle and if you have a 33 day cycle, then your ovulation can be around 18-19th day of your cycle. And it can be different each time around. Also the fertile window is usually around 6 days including the ovulation day. So it's better to use a ovulation predictor kit (opk) to exactly pinpoint the ovulation and then try for a baby.
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Question: My period lenght is 31 days when will be my fertile period and ovulation day?
Answer: Hi dear ovulation usually hapoens in mid of the period cycle. Ur ovulation must be fall in 15 days but u should have sex from 12 to 21st day of ur period. Also try to have sex every alternate day as it increase the chances of pregnancy. Also do use ovulation kit if needed.
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