14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my nt scan is perfectly fine but dual marker test shows trisomy 21 high risk (biochemical). The combined reports nt n dual marker is also fine. What are the further tests one should go for to confirm any abnormality

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Answer: Go for NIPT test then.
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Question: Is dual marker test is compulsory in 3rd month after NT Scan...? Or it depends on NT Scan test .. if my NT Scan report is fine then doctor will not ask me to go for Dual Marker test? Please reply
Answer: Hi NT scan shows babies growth parameters where as dual marker shows whether baby has any genetical disorders or infections..most doctors prefer both NT scan and dual marker though NT scan is fine where as some doctors dont go for dual marker if NT scan is fine
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Question: I have done dual marker test and the reports indicate risk of trisomy 21 . What does it means?
Answer: It indicates dat u hav chances of developing down baby...downs syndrome risk is there which is not so good news..it has risk for mentally retarded child nd several factors...chances are there...it cn also so happen dat normal baby can also b der
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant in my dual marker test the trisomy 21 has one greater than 50 value doctors said it is the high risk of
Answer: Even I had 1:50 .I had amniocentesis. Reports are normal. Relived !!! Amniocentesis is absolutely painless
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