36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi my 9 month running mujhe blood sugar nikla ha 177 ha

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Answer: There have been reports that diabetes during pregnancy brings increased chances of having a bigger babies and birth defects. You should follow doctor instructions and diabetes diet chart for safe and secure pregency. Diabetes develops when your body can't efficiently produce or use insuline. Eat a variety of foods. Make sure both your meals and your snacks are balanced. you eat three small-to-moderate-size meals and two to four snacks every day. Don't skip meals. Be consistent about when you eat meals and the amount of food you eat at each one. Your blood sugar will remain more stable if your food is distributed evenly throughout the day and consistently from day to day. Eat a good breakfast. you may have to limit carbohydrates (breads, cereal, fruit, and milk), boost your protein (eggs, cheese, peanut butter, nuts) , and possibly avoid fruit and juice altogether. Include high-fiber foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, and dried peas, beans, and other legumes. These foods are broken down and absorbed more slowly than simple carbohydrates, which may help keep your blood sugar levels from going too high after meals.  Limit your intake of foods and beverages that contain simple sugars such as soda, fruit juice, flavored teas and flavored waters, and most desserts – or avoid them altogether.  Milk is high in lactose, a simple sugar, so you may need to limit the amount you drink and find an alternative source of calcium.  Moderately increasing your activity level is also a good way to help keep your blood glucose levels at normal levels. 
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