11 months old baby

Question: Hi..my 10.5 month old daughter enjoy her Walker very much but cz of hr speed she fell down many times..we r thinking of buying a tricycle for her ... So please suggest what is best for her..

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Answer: Hi, you should decrease use of walker and try to give her time to walk normally if she hasn't started yet. Tricycle can be given but you should be careful with that as well.
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Question: My baby is 9month old she fell down from walker two Times if touch her head she is crying what to do please suggest
Answer: Hello dear, it's ok dn't panic. This will going to happened regularly as she will start walking. Give her cold compress to do that put some ice cubes in a cotton cloth and gently place it on that particular are. You can also use a pack of frozen peas to do the same. It will help to reduce the pain. Don't give any medicine or apply any gel. Hope I meet your queries.
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Question: hi, my baby fell down from about 1ft height many times and many times she got hit her head.once she fell off from stairs also, so my question is that do frequent falls can damage her brain?????
Answer: Hello. The babies frequently fall from the bed or couch 1 or 2 feet height does not cause any significant injury.even if they fall on hard floor. But if the fall is bad try baby proofing your house, put a pillow or mattress by the bed or couch this helps alot. Napkins can be folded n taped under low tables these few precautions go along way. When they do call have an eye out for concussions if any this fall should be treated with some turmeric powder and water paste over the bump as if has anti inflammatory properties.
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Question: Thinking of buying Fisher price rocker for my to be 7 months old son. Please suggest which one to buy? as there are many online options
Answer: Dear you can see the ratings and reviews on online especially on amazon. The original pics and amazon choice is also available. It will be easier for you as you will be able to see and read the reviews by real buyers. Hope it helps.
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