7 months old baby

Question: Hi.. My 4 month old baby has severe cough.. Met pead and giving medicines.. Still couldn't see any big improvement.. Is there anything I can do from my side... Feeling very heavy to see him coughing hard

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Answer: Use kufril its caugh medicion per day 2times mrng and evng
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Question: My 1year old boy is having cold and cough from past 15 days I'm giving medicines prescribed by the doctor but still I don't see any improvement in his cure..cold n cough is as it was 1st day.
Answer: Hi.. Firstly, since the weather is changing, you need to keep him warm. Apply baby vicks vapour rub on his neck back and feet before making his sleep, put on a comfortable pair of socks after applying vicks vapour rub. Do not apply the adult vicks vapour rub. You can give him vegetable soup, boiled cereal porridges, warm Apple puree, lentils with chapati etc.
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Question: my 6 month baby has got heavy cough I'm giving him allegra cough syrup which doctor gave but still cough hasn't reduced.what home remedy will relief soon from cough ??
Answer: Ginger juice 2,4drops with honey mix them.. Din mey 2,3 baar do
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Question: hello my son is 18 months old. from last week he is suffering with cold and cough. after giving prescribed medicines from his pediatrician cough is still there. m damn worry about him please help
Answer: Baby generally tend to get cold and cough easily. Here are some home remedies, will prevent your little one from cough-- 🔺Boil little water with little ajwain seeds and make the baby have it. Also, if baby is taking outside milk ensure to put few seeds of ajwain while boiling the milk this prevent your baby from getting cough. 🔺Boiling garlic cloves in mustard oil and applying it externally on chest of your baby also helps. 🔺Juice of grated raw garlic can help in overnight relief from cold and cough. It'll build strong immunity and also relief from gas. 🔺Roast some ajwain seeds on pan and put it on clean cotton cloth, make potly. Apply it on baby's chest, underfeet, palm and back. 🔺Rub some vicks under your baby's feet and cover the feet with cotton or woolen socks ( depending on the weather). Note-- this remedy is advisable for 4 months babes or above .
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