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Question: Hi....my lo used to do potty 3-4times a day. Since 2days I have started wheat chapati soaked in Dal and veggies to her..and today she didn't pass motions even once! She is trying and Applying pressure but not passing motion. Can wheat chapati cause constipation?

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Answer: No roti is very good for digestion, try adding little ghee or butter in her meals, she will not be constipated again.
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Question: My child is 8 months plus. But he is having constipation. After 2 days he pass motions and sometimes even cry while passing motion.
Answer: Check if your baby is applying pressure while is going potty also manually check her stomach if you feel her stomach is very tight and she cries when you touch her stomach your baby is crying during going to look. this signals a constipation. if you see your baby is trying to forcefully get the loo out of her body, sometimes doing potty only once in a day is also considered normal but if the above Signs happening and your baby is at constant discomfort then you must visit your pediatrician for digestive drops . your doctor will prescribe you anti constipation suspensions such as evict or isabgol to relieve your babies constipation. also check if you have Recently changed her formula brand because formula fed babies are at a high risk of developing constipation . you must check the formula concentration properly and there should be no lumps while you feed your baby. you must also note if your baby is taking less breastfeed if your baby is breastfeeding . so that the lesson number of breastfeed indicate some problem with your baby . if she has high body temperature as well and also if your baby vomits more than 2 times a day and vomits complete milk out, these can be signs of stomach infections as well as allergies to certain foods if you have started giving her solids. massage your baby's belly if she is not in pain you can measure 3 fingers below her navel. On the lower left side apply gentle pressure with your finger you can also hold her legs up to knee length and help her do cycling motions that will relieve her gas. you must talk to your pediatrician if you have not started solids yet and are exclusively breastfeeding and everything is normal and still your baby is getting constipated because regular constipation and passing dry stools can tear the delicate anal lining of your baby and you can see blood in a stools in sometime so it's important that you consult a pediatrician. take care
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