10 months old baby

Question: Hi, my lo s 10 months old from three days onwards, he s pooping more than four times.. Consistency s little watery. Not taking much solid foods. Only four spoons. Demanding always bm. He got upper four teeth and lower two. Please suggest whether pooping more than four times a normal. No fever

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Answer: Hello Fever usko kithne dinu se hai. Give upAap apne bache ko ko pani ka cloth head par dale aur liquid diet de jo chote meals ho. Loose motion ke leye aap apne baby ko soy milk de ye digestion mai easy hota hai bache ko pani ya juice pilaye electrolyte de loose motion ke samay babies bohut weak aur 1dehydrate hojate hai.
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    Uma Maheswari887 days ago

    Fever not there..

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Question: baby is 10month old and last he get constipated for two to three days after that he reliefs from that problem. but from that day onwards he always cry and scream while passing poop. he's doing soft poop. and ( he has four small teeth in lower and upper jaw)he's is in teething period
Answer: Hello! Ideally once the baby starts with solids, he should pass motion atleast every alternate days. If the gap becomes more than one day or the stool is very hard, that means baby is constipation. But since your baby is having soft stools might be he is not constipated, try to find if the potty area has any rashes or not. Maybe due to rashes. The apply coconut oil or diaper rash cream on the area. Also give raisin soaked overnight in water the next day morning empty stomach on daily basis. This will help to pass the motions on daily basis. Take care
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Question: My baby s 40days old. He going motion 7 to 10 times in a day for past two days. Before and all he will go 3 to 4 times only.. But the motion s solid r semi solid.. I am giving him bm and fm. Last Monday i changed the milk powder brand... Whether it wil be normal.
Answer: Please show him to your gynaec. Make sure his urination should not reduce. He should be passing urine atleast 6 to 8 times . I would suggest you to show him to a good doctor
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Question: My baby s 40days old... He going motion 7 to 10 times in a day for past two days.. Before and all he will go 3 to 4 times only.. I giving him bm and fm milk.. Actually this Monday only i changed new brand milk powder.. Whether it wil be the reason ah.. But the motion consistency is solid or semi solid only..
Answer: Hi, yes change of. Milk powder can be one of rhe reason od rhis as it may have not suited your baby
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