Few days old baby

Question: Hi my LO NEVER sleeps on his back he prefers sleeping on either side especially wen we put him down to sleep.... S it something to be concerned about ?

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Answer: Dear newborn or small babies should always sleep on their back because sleeping on sides or on tummy site can cause some complications so make sure to always sleep baby on back but yes you can change sites from time to time but for longer time or when you are also sleeping with baby just put your baby on back position for sleeping...
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Question: My LO is 53 days old and he sleeps in day but not sleeping in the night..he sleeps in lap but the moment we put him down he gets his eyes open..what to do? Please suggest..
Answer: Hi dear, Bachcho ko sone ki dikkat rehti hai.ye common hai.bachcha Raat Kai karno se uthta hai: 1: pure din me theek se na some se bhi bachche ko relax feel Nahi hota Raat ki sone me.isiliye bachche ki day time sleep Sahi Joni Chahiye 2:bachche ki room ki light wk dam din ya dark honi Chahiye,Nahi toh bachcha uthta rahega 3:Kisi bhi Tarah Ka distractions na ho site waqt.jaise koi awaz,aap logo ki baat chit 4:nappy Ka wet Hona 5:baby ke developments.jaise baby 6 months me baithna seekta hai Apne aap.aisi milestones se baby restless hone Lagta hai 6:teething.6 months se baby ke teething process shuru ho jate hai 7:separation anxiety Jo bachcho ko 6 months se hone lagti hai,jisse bachche dar se uth jate hai 8:illness ya infection jisse bachche ko takleef ho 9:bohat cold ya hot weather Hona 10: baby ko feeding Bootle ya breastfeeding ki adat Hona 11: bachche ko overfeed ya underfeed karwane sone se pehle Make sure bachche ko comfortable kapdo me sulaye.lukewarm Pani se sone se pehle nehlane se bachche ko neend achchi aati hai.baby uthta hai toh calmly sulaye.
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Question: 21day old baby.my baby always sleeps either on his left ir right side..he sleeps straight only for few hours in the morning but most of the time he when he sleeps on his side he sleeps comfirtably.. is it ok to make baby sleeo on his left ot right side? or is it neccessary to make him sleep straight?
Answer: dont worry abhi baby bahut chota hai or abhi aise hi sulana thik hai dono side barabar karwat leke sulao... and straight b sulao or kuch time bad baby k liye musterd seeds ki pillow bnwa lena choti c usme baby ko sulana usse kya hoga ki baby ka head perfect shape me aa jyega... agar ek hi side sone se shape change hui hogi to koi tensn wli bt nhi h ghabrao mt
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Question: Is it safe for a 6 months baby to sleep on his tummy.?? My son feeling comfortable when he sleeps on his tummy.. When I try to put him straight he cries.. Especially during night.. What should I do
Answer: Hello! You can put the baby on tummy, but then please remove the pillow and blanket if any from the bed of the baby. Make sure there is cloth near the baby. Take care
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