2 months old baby

Question: hi my lo is in both bf+ff. just now I fed him directly after that offered 90ml of FF.. he took both and while making him to burp he made a solid sound burp followed by milk spit up. last few days he is spitting milk even after burping or while burping. does he mean he is over fed? otherwise he normal active kid. my ds is 2 months 2 weeks old. Thanks.

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Answer: Almost half of young babies spit up regularly. The peak age for spitting up – also known as reflux – is 4 months. When your baby swallows air along with his breast milk or formula, the air gets trapped in with the liquid. The air has to come up, and when it does, some of the liquid comes up too, through his mouth or nose.Babies take in a lot of nourishment in relation to their size, and some of them really like to eat, so sometimes they become overfilled and, well, overflow. A newborn's digestive system isn't fully developed, either.
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Question: My baby is spitting out milk after top feed.. we r burping him also.. still he spots our the whole milk after within an hour..
Answer: Hi, As compare to breastmilk, formula milk is heavy and difficult to digest whereas breastmilk is easier to digest. However, there is nothing to worry about since spit-ups are just small amounts of milk throw-up. Babies feel fine and well and aren't too eager to feed again after they spit up. You can observe the frequency of spit up by discontinuing formula feed for 2-3 days and just breastfeed your baby. There are many ways to tell if your baby just had a typical spit-up or it's already a real vomit. There are conditions where our babies need medical attention due to excessive spit-ups or that they are spitting up due to other reasons.
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Question: my son is 2 n half month old. he is on breast milk. he takes burp every tym after taking milk but he spits milk after burp even from nose also....is it any problm ? spit milk - dahi jaisa milk
Answer: It's ok dear dat is digested form of me milk . And the passage nasal n throat are same so some times it can come through nose don't worry.
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Question: I breastfeed my 8 month old baby...after 15 min i gave him a bath...Right after bath he spit milk...i gave him cerelac but he didn't spit but when i breastfeed him he spit again...today he spit three time right after i fed him bm....i ate oily n junk food...consumed cold drink is it bcoz of it
Answer: 1st bath him and then breastfeed... normally after feeding wait for 30 min to 1 hour and then give bath..
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