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Question: Hi My LMP was 7th August.. I don't have any other symptoms but little back pain not like periods pain, konchem above ki untundi.. and energy low ga untundi food teskunna tarvata kuda.. 4,5 days lo check cheste result negative ochindi.. is there any chance to get positive after 10 or 15 days?

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Answer: May be u r pregnant...check it after 10 days....hope u will get positive news
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Question: My last pregnant date is May 26.but still I didn't get periods. And I have pcod problem also I checked my pregnnacy test on 36 th day. The result was negative. Whether it is possible to get positive results after 45 days. And also I don't have any symptoms Please reply
Answer: Dear as you have pcod problem. Now you missed period 10 days has finished. Now you should do pregnancy test by doctor . Than only you will know about pregnancy.
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Question: My LMP was August 5th...but this month i didn't get periods still now...I have 30 days cycle...But no stomach pain and but feel back pain and leg pain and no other symptoms...Is this is the symptoms for pregnant??pls tell me mam...will i travel through bus if is a compulsory travel.what can i do.when will i check the kit mam???pls tell me and help me mam...
Answer: Pls avoid travel... U missed ur period rit so pls dont travel and u will check tommrw using kit
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Question: I got period by may 7th We used ovulation kit to know ovulation time after that time we did sexual contact bt this month till June 22 nd also am not get period also am not get +ve pregnency result bt I know after ovulation within 14 days I should get my period bt till know am not get my period so is ther any chances of pregnency still how much time I should wait to know +ve pregnency even I don't have any symptoms also what can I do tell me plz
Answer: U can take a home pregnancy test. Then u can consult the gynecologist
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