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Question: Hi my lmp.fpr April month was from 16 and i had bleeding for 7 days long and I had spotting for 1 month and my doc said let's c for month wat happens and again my period started on may 13 it was period only doc said and again period did not stop and I went to doc and she did scanning and nothing problem and egg is in size 1.77 ×1.44 on 9 day of my cycle and she gave me tablet deviry and when I took bleeding stops one I had intercourse with my husband is there any chance of getting pregnant because from yesterday iam getting stomach means pulling like feeling in stomach in left side of lower stomach

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Question: I had period on 23 feb and on next month I had period on 30 March and again in April I had period on 12 what r the reason for 2 period in one month
Answer: Dear hormonal changes or imbalance can be a reason for this.. just make sure to eat healthy and do some exercise or yoga regularly that really helps correct hormones...
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Question: I had some spotting once last week my doc gave an injection and suggested a sonography, which was all ok. Again past sun mon i had red spotting and brown again doc gave an injection and we had another sonography in which also doc said everything was fine with the baby. She also gave progesterone tab to insert every night. Today I had some brown discharge again... This is really troubling me and I'm getting a bit stressed.
Answer: Don't worry take all supplement as ur dr prescribe.... after some week it will go...same happened with me also....
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Question: I had a miscarriage on 12 March and bleeding stops on 15 March...I didn't get my periods in April month...what to do..??
Answer: It happens after miscarriages next period date is change it come after 10 15 days don't worry
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