5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi my last periods time is in Jan I didn't take any test now it's March I have symptoms Brest pain is their any possibility of pregnancy and one lite straight line came from chest to navel and below wt is that? is that symptoms of pregnancy ?

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Answer: breast pain is one of the pregnancy symptoms dear. what is your lmp dear? for positive result two pink line should be there. i will suggest you to do test again.
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    Deepika Srivastava720 days ago

    Tingling breast can be a symptoms of pregnancy. Do pregnancy test at home n confirm.

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Question: I missed periods. So i did a home pregnancy test. In that one dark line and one faint line came. Is it indicates positive pregnancy or negative pregnancy?
Answer: Yes its mean you are pregnant . If your HCG is low than it comes like that . Not to worry . Still for confirmation you can do one more test . Best of luck
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Question: I am checking home pregnancy test but one line dark and another line lite colour.test is positive or negative
Answer: Hi dear, In pregnancy kit strip,one line Wil always be dark called reference line.the other line confirms your pregnancy. No matter how faint the line is ,you are pregnant the very appearance of the line . If you test early then the levels of pregnancy hormones are not raised much to give dark line . Congratulations!
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Question: I had a pregnancy test on 5th day of my periods this month and saw one darkline and one light pink line. I did my beta hcg test also it came negative. Why did pregnancy test showed light pink line?
Answer: Dear the pregnancy test showing light pink means you are in early stages of pregnancy. You took the test a bit early usually it is recommended to test pregnancy after 7 days of missing periods. Beta hcg if above 25 means positive so repeat the urine teat after a week and once the line is darker repeat the beta hcg test. Hope it helps.
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Question: I missed 6 days of periods. Today i did home pregnancy test. In that one line is dark and another line is mild pink. Pregnancy confirm ah ?
Answer: Congrats for that. But ur hcg levels haven't increased so wait for another week and then try again. U may get complete confirmation. All the best
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