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Question: Hi... my last periods on 8th of March this year.. And I checked for pregnancy using home test kit after 7 days of my missed period and the result is negative.. Can you give any suggestion on this?

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Answer: Hi dear, it is already 3rd weeks that you missed your period. You should take another home pregnancy test for you can go for beta HCG blood test to check whether you are pregnant or not increased level of HCG hormone in blood I will give you a positive result in both the test. If this test come negative then you are not pregnant and suffering from any other gynaecological disorder which delayed your period. In that case you need to consult gynecologist for proper diagnosis of your problem. You may have to take medications for that too. Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet rich in iron calcium and Folic acid and drink adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated hope it will help.
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    Jaanu Elango880 days ago

    Thanks dear.. But I have vomiting sensation and mild pain in breast too.. Will check soon.. Thanks a lot for your comments

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Question: Hi mam, i missed my period but urine test and home pregnancy test last period was feb 26.can you give me any suggestion for this
Answer: Hip! If your lmp what is 26 and you have missed your period in March and you have not got it in fact in April and your pregnancy test is also negative then it is better to contact your gynecologist and have few tests to check yourself if there is any medical issue or not because sometimes due to thyroid PCOD hormonal imbalance weight gain or weight loss issues periods might get delayed .. Hope this helps!
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Question: After 15 days of missed period m getting negative result on home pregnancy kit.. is der any chance of pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear after missing period if pregnancy test came negative then there are some reasons behind it --- @You took it too early. @ your ovulated late this month. @ you are too far along in the pregnancy. @ you are pregnant with twins and triplets. @ the test is expired our faulty. @ you have an ectopic pregnancy. @ you did not follow the instructions. Wait for some days and do test again or go to doctor.
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Question: Today was my 7th day after I missed my periods I checked with home pregnancy kit and got negative there any possibility of getting pregnant...
Answer: Sometimes upt gives wrong results.Do a test again after 2 or 3 days.
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