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Question: Hi. My last period was on Dec 19. I have regular period with cycle 30 days and 3 days of flow. This month I started bleeding three days before my date and the flow was scanty and lasted for only one day. I had sore breasts and nausea. I consulted a gyne on 23 Jan and she took trans vaginal ultrasound sound and found a small sac of 3mm. She told me to hat back after a week for repeat scan. I got a vaginal thrush yesterday and hence visited her again. She took a scan again and told there is no improvement. Wat to do now. Am worried and confused

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Answer: Hi dear, There is no other way but to wait.i know you must be very worried,seeing no improvement.but let's wait and watch.each Pregnancy is different and each baby grows in its own were too early for the scan and so the growth was too low.i had done my transvaginal scan at around 6 weeks,and there was no gestational sac visible.atleast in your case it was 3 mm.inhad to repeat the scan at around 8 th week.and there was my baby with good heart beleive me donot loose should be fine.give some time.and donot go for such frequent scans ,I know you are worried,but have some patience and go after two weeks if you have no cramps or bleeding issues.wish you all the best!
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    Agalya Palanisamy873 days ago

    Thank you mam... Let's hope the best..

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Question: My Dr. did a abdomenal scan and trans vaginal scan but the sac was not seen.. After tat i again did HPT it was clear positive with dark 2 lines... Tat time I was 5 week 5 days.. Do i need to worry... ?
Answer: No just don't worry. Have another ultrasound examination at 8-10 weeks. U can see the baby's heartbeat. Tc stay positive. Happy pregnancy
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Question: Hi i am 5 weeks 5days pregnant now..went through trans vaginal scan by doctor and still sac is not developed..she told to come after 10 days and gave 10 tablets of there anything to worry?
Answer: Dont worry.. kabhi kabhi aise hota hai .. after 8 to 10 days u do a scan ..nd i hope result will b positive ! Think positive..
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Question: My last period was june 6th again on 21 22 of june I had mild bleeding.accordingto to scan im 7weeks but which one to flow ..dictor confused
Answer: Hello , dear don't need to get confuse..sometimes there will be a variation of one or two weeks with actual lmp..just follow the scanning report.
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