7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. my last month period is on Feb 20 2018. I have performed test at home and the result is positive. I don't no my pregnancy week .please help me

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Answer: Congratulations! U are 7 weeks pregnant and your due date is 27th november according to lmp. So u calculate from frst day of lmp as your first day of pregnancy
Answer: Can you suggest me the best diet.. iam vegetarian.. this is first time for me
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Question: Hi. My lmp was on Nov 4th. I took pregnancy test after a week of my missed period this month. It came positive. but I don't have any symptoms. Is the pregnancy test result accurate. Please someone help me?
Answer: Hii dear.. Every pregnancy is different dear. If you don't have any symptoms of pregnancy then it doesn't mean that you are not pregnant. Visit gynecologist to confirm your pregnancy. If you are pregnant then it's very important to visit a gynecologist for medicine and proper care. Best of luck dear.
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Question: My last period was on 4 th of january 2019 but my pregnancy result is not positive is the reason that i have attempted the test at night
Answer: Yes dear, pregnancy test shows only accurate results with morning urine because that is well concentrated. So have a pregnancy test again and use only first midstream urine of the morning.
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Question: My last period is jan 3. Can i check pregnancy test at home on feb 16??
Answer: Hello! Yes, there is no problem in checking now by the pregnancy kit. Try to check it with the early morning first urine. Take care
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