3 months old baby

Question: Hi my babay is 4 months old with c section,my face is still swelled, so any one suggest me

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Answer: Hi dear having swelling in body cab be due to water less intake and u can also get ur thyroid checked as may be swelling happening due to thyroid level got disbalanced.
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    Veena Thakur96 days ago

    Thank u so much

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Question: hi, can any one suggest diet after c section.
Answer:  non oily food. like dalia. khichdi . masoor daal roti
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Question: Hi man my lil one is 4 months 20 days old still she doesnt hve complete control in her head..is thr any prblm with her
Answer: Ho,no there is no probs I as some babies take a little more time don't worry,give good massage to the baby twice a day it will help to strengthen the muscles ,and baby scan mearn to hold it's neck independently by six months.
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Question: Hi all... my baby girl is 3.5 months old but still not communicating with eyes even not looking any bodies face or eye..or not looking any object. do any one is suffering with same problm?
Answer: Aapne apke pediatrician ko bola hai kya??woh kya keh rahi hai??actually babys 3mths ke baad dekhte hai,sunte hai.....kuch toh respond krte hai...plz ask pedia she will guide u
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