11 months old baby

Question: Hi My daughtr Yaagnya is 11 months old. She has little cough pls tell me the remedies. Also, as winters are coming what food shall I give her in winters

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Answer: Hi dear, Cold and cough in babies are quite normal as their immune system is still developing.comfort your child by keeping him warm in this changing weather. Make him sip warm fluids through out the day,that will help him to stay warm inside the body and also flush out germs. Massage his feet and palms with warm mustard oil. Steam is an excellent decongestant.put few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and make the child inhale it. You can also make him sip this decoction.boil some water,put few tulsi leaves,cloves,grated ginger,half teaspoon ajwain. Reduce it little,and make him drink 1 table spoon every hour.stop any kind of dairy and fruits at this stage.you can make clear soups for him with crushed pepper. Tomato soup would also be good.as it is rich in vitamin C which would help his immune system to go stronger.add pinch of turmeric in whatever soup you make.its antiinflammatory agent would fight his infection. Viral infections would finish its course by 2 weeks atleast.
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Question: My 8 months old is suffering from cold and cough. What should I give her. Her nose is also blocked.
Answer: Hope you are doing well.. Massage with mustard oil, put Garlic and ajwain in it.. Heat it and Massage on head, chest, back and feet, hope this helps.
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Question: Can I give papaya to an eight months old baby if she has cough
Answer: U can give papaya apple to ur baby even if baby has cold. Avoid giving citrus fruits to ur baby before one year as it can give diaper rash.
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Question: How to recognize if my baby has cold and cough? Also what are the remedies for the same.
Answer: Apki baby back mai hath rakho. Agar kuch mehsoos hota to cough hai. Cold ke liye nak mai dekhna sardi ho to dekhai degi
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