Few days pregnant mother

Question: hi... my lmp is 20 Feb... till dis time no period ..... I have back pain and left side mild stomach pain.....and no pregnancy symptoms .... wat I can do really fully tension.....plzzz rply

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Answer: Get home pregnancy kit n test it...good luck :) Back n stomach pain cud b pregnancy symptom
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Question: Missed period by19 days. Home pregnancy test is positive and scanning report was negative. I have only left side back pain. Otherwise no symptoms. Is it k
Answer: Hi Dear! 19 days periods missing is a concern if home pregnancy test is positive and scanning report means USG report is negative there is a chance of ectopic pregnancy as well, please talk to your doctor and do not diminish the chance of being an ectopic pregnant please check for a US G of fallopian tubes it might be detected else please go ahead to do a HCG blood test to check further.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have missed period till now no pregnancy symptoms
Answer: There are many reasons for your period to be delayed commonly stress , change in diet, change in exercise, weight gain and certain medications can cause your period to be delayed . I would advice you to wait for 15 days post your period date to check for pregnancy again with a urine pregnancy test and then if it is negative even after that to go for an ultasound so that the cause for dealyed period can be identified
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Question: Period missed by 19 days. No symptoms but only left side is back pain
Answer: Hello dear. If it has been 19 days please do the home pregnancy test tomorrow morning with first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have pain in my upper left side of stomach. What could it be ?its mild getting really scared
Answer: Hi dear, As you grow in Pregnancy you would have all sorts of aches and pains,which are most of the time harmless and happens due to uterus expansion,and which impacts the neighboring I hand to push.also that the ligaments holding the uterus streches that gives a sharp pain when you move suddenly or change your position.not to worry unless the pain is severe.,....
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