38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, my LMP is 05/08/2017..As per my LMP EDD is 12/05/2018. But as per Anomaly scan EDD is 05/05/2018,As per growth scan EDD is 03/05/2018. Today my new doctor is saying that you have to consider EDD as 12/05/2018 but my as per my old doctor EDD is 05/05/2018. Which EDD should I consider?How many weeks pregnant I am?

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Answer: U have to consider as first scan edd only then ur now 36 weaks pregnency
Answer: Your edd is calculated based on your lmp
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Question: Hi...my lmp was 24/9/2017...as per first scan on 20th nov. My edd is 7/7/2018...and as per a scan on 16/05/2018 edd is 17/07/2017 due to baby weight being 1.8 kgs...so 1. What is my actual edd and 2. What shud i eat to increase my baby weight
Answer: There is no need to worry Edd keeps on changing as per baby growth. To increase baby weight have protien rich food such as paneer, rasgulla, dal, sprouts (boiled). And EDD is usually considered according to LMP hence your EDD will be 7/7/18 only. Kindly hit like if u find this answer useful.
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Question: My LMP is Oct 5th so EDD as per LMP is 12/7/2019 EDD as per measurements is 05/08/2019 will there be any problem for my baby because of that difference...?
Answer: No..do u have irregular periods ?? Usually this difference is due to delayed ovulation ,that results in delayed conception n is common in females with irregular periods or pcod.
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Question: Hi my lmp june 2 nd as per lmp my due date is march 9th....but growth scan shows baby is 33 weeks .....which is to consider edd as per lmp or growth scan
Answer: Hi dear u should consider date as per lmp as that is more accurate. Scan date will keeps on changing as per baby growth so better stict to the date of lmp only.
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